Two Poems

by Agnes Vojta 


When we cannot admit
to our real pain
and dust chokes our words,

we weep over the Mars rover,
the robot who epitomizes

who left tracks
in the dystopian landscape
of a surrealist painting,

with not even
a faceless shrouded figure
as companion.

We, the Argonauts

We crawled from our boats,
tired from drifting through chaos,
to rest on an island in space and time:
tonight, we are safe.

We are a haphazard band of travelers,
each carrying our own scars,
our personal brand of crazy,
our deep humanity,
and our flawed loves.

For a while, we are companions
in a fellowship of seekers,
look for answers at the bottom
of the river or the bottle
or in the inscrutable face
of the oblivious moon.

Perhaps the golden fleece
is just a phantom,
and we are meant to remain here,
where the river flows in steady blessing
and night is a symphony of frog song.

Agnes Vojta grew up in Germany and now lives in Rolla, Missouri where she teaches physics at Missouri S&T. She is the author of Porous Land(Spartan Press, 2019). Her poems recently appeared in As It Ought To Be Magazine, Gasconade Review,Thimble Literary Magazine, Trailer Park QuarterlyPoetry Quarterly, Sonic Boom, and elsewhere.

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