Currently Accepting Submissions.

We are currently accepting submissions. Former People welcomes poems, essays, criticism, flash fictions, short or long-form interviews, visuals, multimedia pieces and reviews which are in a vein of the “neo-modern” or in consideration of “modernism’s” relationship to contemporary literature and society.  If you are / think your work is neo-modern, we take your word for it. We do not pay for accepted works at this time.

Indicate the name of your piece(s) in the Submission Title (separate with semicolon if more than one piece). All pieces in one document. Please include a 50-100 word bio.

  • Two to six poems  (generally less than a hundred lines each, although we are open to long verse works)
  • Two to Five flash fiction(s) (500 words max)
  • One Non-Fiction piece (up to 10,000 words), please inquire before submissions
  • One Interview (up to 11,000 words), please inquire before submissions
  • One review (up to 5,000 words max), please inquire before submissions
  • One multimedia piece
  • Five photographs or pictures of artwork

Note: We no longer publish longer short stories.  We do not feel our format is good for that genre.

Re-prints of previously published poems and flash fictions may be considered as long as authors own the copyrights, and the works were published in a print mag or defunct online journal. These will be solicited by the editors or approved by inquiry with other submissions.  If we accept your work, we will ask for either a high pixel quality personal photograph, preferably a head  shot, or an artist’s work that you have rights to accompany your piece.

We try to reply to submissions within three to four months. If we have not responded in four months, feel free to inquire.

We publish continuously throughout​ the year. Special theme issues are announced in the magazine news section of the website.

Former People acquires first electronic rights for publication and non-exclusive anthology rights for possible inclusion in our future print anthologies, all other rights revert to author upon publication.

Please submit at

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