Two Poems

by P.Muralidharan


The virtual trapeze in social media
swings dangerously both ways
whenever you comment or try to
reply to a question

Often a poser is one more arrow
from the same quiver that holds
for centuries the sharp verbal darts
sharp to tear deep into the prey
to fall flat on the ground

Posers give the teeth and command
of institutions to individuals
With an the inelastic trap the question pushes
the second person who finds around him
two pairs of
parallel and perpendicular lines suddenly drawn
shaping a square
within which he finds
homogeneous answers

I somehow loosen the caution
after biting dust and am an
ideal scapegoat

But unlike these
the questions of life
are elastic and the quest for answers


I know for sure neither I
nor my parents chose one another

Why the partners of my choice chose
not to partner anything worthy

Why I feel scared amidst a crowd
in social media

Why some pages of my decade back diary
surface of their own this year on dates not matching
the previous entries

Why same AI messages are repeated in reply
by different friends and family members
for my anxious pings

Why there is homogeneous emptiness
in relationships of different levels of hype

How someone double my size
is going about comfortably in my missing shirt
dyed and ‘with love’ embroidered above my name

Whether the boons I grabbed desperately are traps

Why some sparks get dampened in mundane challenges
and some others into ball of fire

I am clueless

P.Muralidharan, a versatile thinker, critique and writer’s nonfiction ‘BUBBLES BURST’ has been widely appreciated by readers. A well known writer in Tamil for more than two decades and now contributing in English also. In English, not only have his short stories been included in a few anthologies including HydRaw’s, several of them have also been published in online  magazines and publishing house portals. He lives in Chennai, India, and has contributed in English and Tamil in the creative arena.

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