Issue Three Index ~October 2013

Special Issue: The Weird as the New Modern


A Man, a Boy, a Bear, and the Impossible Hope of Youth by Steven A. Michalkow

A Northwesterly Chill by S.T. Joshi

The Weird as the New Modern by C. Derick Varn

I am Lorelai, Hear Me Roar  by  Ronak M Soni


The Cosmology of the Wierd: An Interview with Robert Price

A Literary History of Weird Fiction: An Interview with S. T. Joshi

The Modern beyond the Middle Kingdom: An Interview with Lucas Klein on China and Literary Modernism

Literary Non-fiction

The theory of the weird fiction critic By Jayaprakash Satyamurthy


Three Poems by L. Bellee Jones

Four Poems  by Howie Day

Rites of Spring by Tom Harding

Two Poems by Ariel Riveros Pavez

Short Fiction

The Rains of Badaling By Sam Sussman

Itaewon Dive by Finn Harvor


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