Issue Five Index ~December 2013-January 2014


Conversations around Dinner: A discussion on art, life, and love with Cindy Kleine and Andre Gregory

The Wired Weird: A Conversation with Simon Strantzas

A Conversation with Sam Hamill

Literary Non-fiction

Andrew Kliman, Tron, and the other side of the Program by Douglas Lain


Bad Things to Come    by DeMisty D. Bellinger

Two Prose Poems  by Howie Day

Two Poems  by Lora Dolphin

Two Poems  by Rich Murphy

Two Poems by Annelyse Gelman

Amor Fati  by John Thomas Allen

Five Poems by Simon Perchik

Two Poems by William Doreski

Two Poems by Shannon R Eddy

Untitled by Marly Saunders

Two Poems By Noah R. Gataveckas

Short Fiction

It is Good We Are Dreaming by Carol Smallwood

Making Things Bearable by Carol Smallwood

The Near Enough by Michael C. Keith


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