Issue Eight Index ~April 2014


Blazing Down the Line: An Interview with BlazeVox Editor Geoffrey Gatza

Beyond Southern Gothic: An interview with Nathan Ballingrud

Climate Friction: An Interview with Dan Bloom on Cli Fi


Three Prose Poems by Howie Day

Gengulphus by M. Krochmalnik Grabois

Two Poems by Monique Gagnon German

Two Poems by Marie Kazalia


The heaviness of corporate being: a review of “Dear Corporation” by Adam Fell by Dinesh Raghavendra

The Music of a Broken, Beautiful World by C. Derick Varn

Hunter S. Thompson: Hell’s Angels by Marcel Inhoff


Short Fiction

Too Fat To Go To The Moon by Rob McCleary

Incognito by Michael Keith


On Becoming a Writer by Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy

2 thoughts on “Issue Eight Index ~April 2014

  1. Greetings. You have published a few of my poems and I am wondering whether you might tell me how to locate one of them, “The Travel Agent Decides Not to Retire After All.” I have managed to lose this poem somehow. No record of it in my files and I don’t have a hard copy. Thanks very much.

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