Heading down to my tomb

A Poem by Josef Krebs

Heading down to my tomb

I walk and shuffle the streets unmasked

Except in substance

While the psyche

Reveals little but all

There is left

Beyond the immediate needs

Of the ego

Or just vanity

Of existence

That’s supposed to prove something

To you

Or your gods

In loitering around

Waiting for anything

A sign perhaps

Of the blossoming of youth

In thought or deed

Or perhaps the promise of rebirth

Seldom kept

Outside a box

Seldom stolen

Much to your everlasting

Dusty chagrin


A drain on your dreams

The momentary creation

Unilluminated bar the wick in your mind

That might

Occasionally allow

For that which is

Was meant to

Extol the virtues vices

Of inexplicable meandering

Through the labyrinth not of your making

Yet you

In situ

Unreconciled yet irreversible

In agony of heaven

Never indecision

Illuminated by sidelong glances

And awareness

Born on hyper vigilance

And unconquered demons of thought

Yet to be expressed

In emotion


Corruption is the first stage after death

Political personal


A lifeline



Often found

Seldom considered


The beyond

Rotting from the feet up

As the brain and persona dissolves

Into a puddle

Piddled on your trouser cuffs

As if the moment wouldn’t crush

And you wouldn’t be rushed away

In the flood

Inevitably to follow

You down that alley

Into your mind



Your last greatest expectation\

Josef Krebs has a chapbook published by Etched Press and his poetry also appears in American Writers Review, the Bicycle Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Calliope, The Cape Rock, The Chaffey Review, Inscape, Mouse Tales Press, Organs of Vision and Speech, Tacenda, The Bohemian, Agenda, The Corner Club Press, Crack the Spine, The FictionWeek Literary Review, the Aurorean, Carcinogenic Poetry, The Bangalore Review, 521magazine, Former People, Grey Sparrow Journal, IthacaLit, New Plains Review, Inwood Indiana Press, Free State Review, Poetry Nation, Witness, From Whispers to Roars, Nine Cloud Journal, and The Cats Meow. A short story has been published in blazeVOX. He’s written three novels and five screenplays. His film was successfully screened at Santa Cruz and Short Film Corner of Cannes film festivals.

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