We’re back including the Podcast.

Dear Readers:

We, or more specifically I, have taken a hiatus after COVID-19 hit to focus on my day job. Why just I? Stephen had to focus on his work and as such we have not been updating the Youtube page, and we have long since canceled the Libsyn for the podcast. I took the summer months to get my life in order as the slow moving crises after crisis has corresponded with my returning to America and my personal life getting more complicated: Family members got Covid-19, the fever pitch of American political tribalism has reached a kind of reductio ad absurdum that can’t really be parodied, and small pangs of life led me to feel less connected to this project.

Slowly after reopening submissions, talking to my co-founder Stephen about taking on an advisory role, and I reached out to two people to help me to get this back on track. P.H. Higgins, who had been doing transcriptions for us and some editorial consulting, and, my dear friend, Shalon Van Tine have agreed to re-launch the podcast. By the new year, we will have regular episodes and we will committing to putting out work here on the site by new authors throughout the year on a rolling bias.

To do this more effectively and to pay for hosting fees and editing, I have re-launched a patreon. There is a general supporter tier which will get your name mentioned as a patron and a five dollar support tier where will release additional content. Submissions, the main shows, and all published material will remain freely open to the public.

I would like to think my contributors and our new editorial team for enabling me to reinvest time and energy into this project.


C. Derick Varn

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