Two Poems

by Jack Galmitz

A Matter of Choice

I’d rather be
the homecoming queen
than the man
with hairs sprouting
from his neck
in a red shirt
and blue jeans
bearing a jackhammer
scraping up asphalt
I think it’s the tiara
that persuaded me

A Moment Please

This morning
when I woke up
I didn’t know
it was 6 o’clock
and that at noon
sparrows would be
dropping down
from a bush
to the ground
and back up
and I would be
sitting on a bench
my mind moving
no less

Jack Galmitz was born in New York City in 1951. He attended the public schools and eventually earned a Ph.D from the University of Buffalo. Jack has been writing in various genres for nearly twenty years. In between writing, he paints and takes photographs.

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