Five Poems

by Mark Young

A line from Mick Jagger

In every motive you can find
striking points. A tension is
drawn. Each person has a unique
arousal level. It’s one of the many

traps for troubadours. There are
several methods for coping. Not
least among them is the artifice
of conjuring up some emblematic

image, outwardly disfigured but
inside full of universal attractors,
each of which might guarantee
some level of personal satisfaction.

parking was metered

A particular place, a
limited amount of time,
a forest with minimal
cultural lighting. No re-
flection in any of them.
Composite screens can
be a distraction in these
situations unless you
keep a plug-in handy.
Adaption will be imp-
ortant at times like this.

Those / with skin / in the game

The wearables industry is full
of older adults who did not
go to high school. Interviews
are everywhere, posted anony-
mously, usually by errant
children. Their kaleidoscopes
have missing or blurred pages,
& poor pictures, often in mono-
chrome instead of the surround
sound they were designed for.

The bite & bark of ethical incursions

At first dark, a raid
was carried out on
Heaven. It was empty
at the time, as it often
has been lately, apart
from a skeleton ground
staff who were taken

captive & peremptorily
executed by the cutting
of their throats. Photos
were shot, & later dis-
played on the website of
the CREEP cabal. Such
a success
 declared the

precedent, dishing out
the many medals. How safe
we are because of the brave
dogs, & these fearless SEALs
those godless socialists seek
to have dismissed. Won’t be
happening under my watch.

geographies: Kampala

It was only after the city’s
cooked-to-order breakfasts
were washed away by floods

that the mayor decided to
pass the law banning the
giving of money or food to

children living on the streets.
Gifts of bottles of water were
still permitted provided they

bore the label of those multi-
national companies who could
easily move all profits overseas.


Mark Young’s most recent books are Old Rhumba & Art Informel, both published by gradient books of Finland, & turning to drones, from Concrete Mist Press.

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