Two Poems

By Richard Dinges, Jr.


Only a hint of beauty
and unreal, these
green leaves swatched
by blue sky mere
reflections on a dark
pane, as unreal
as a face buried
within these shadows,
listless eyes and slack
jaw, no focus
on what lies beyond
either pane or pain
or lips that still
mutter indistinct words,
all those questions
never answered.


A walk through brown
stubble, a field
hayed last year, now
short shorn stalks
that crunch under
my soles, into red
sunsets, yields bones
from coyote meals,
or half a rabbit,
always the back half,
that my dog brings
to me, drops on command,
then awaits our response
to this offering
from the beasts of night.


Richard Dinges, JR has an MA in literary studies from University of Iowa, and manage information systems risk at an insurance company.  Torrid Literature Journal, River Poets Journal, Stickman Review, Hurricane Review, and WINK most recently accepted his poems for their publications.

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