Five Poems

by Josef Krebs


My short mother was so proud of having a pram
It was her children she had no pride in
Her adaptability being limited by a strict Catholic upbringing
In a family that lived from selling icons
Reproductions and rosemary beads
The debilitating forces of belief and bias
That trip with trepidation
And rambunctious responsibility
Conscious of your limitations
Bounding out of your skull
Like a bunny in springtime
Driven by desires and impulses
Hard wired into the animal
Deceits of civilization notwithstanding
The cautious you survives
Without harming or alarming
Those creatures of the night
You come into contact with
In your strolls and reveries
Across the clouds of the city
In the dimly lit rooms
Of the moon lit nights
That allow for

Hallucination is everywhere

Hallucination is everywhere

The brain is a Nosferatu shut in a coffin

The New Yorker spills theories into your morning expulsions

Like a rabid giraffe

Beautiful yet dangerous

In unexpected ways

A system undermining a system

An unexpected momentary illumination

Callous as a truck hauling debris

Stabbing at necessity and routine

In a ruinous habit that gives respite

From base opportunity and self serving


Day by mottled day


Limited time offer
And the subsequent malaise that death brings
If you’re inconsequential in your effects
That rapid pace of your heartbeat
Over the years
That damped you down while challenging
To the demands of being human
A representative an iota
A building block of what may come
The dust the dust is calling
From when you’re ill met by the womb
And the moonless night
The daggers of childhood
The success of youth
And the cancer thereafter
As the decades crowd in on you
Each with its own challenges
Unexpected unobserved
Til the future dashed in with explanations
Too late to heed
Or be of worth
Beyond the immediate
Of comparative slumber
In your bunker

As the desperate deliveries coincide with the night

As the desperate deliveries coincide with the night

I took my stroll since I had nowhere to be

Or not anywhere too special

To disallow my reconnaissance reconnoitering ramble

Past the gates of the palace I’d been summoned to

On a case

Of scotch

And soda on the side

Of the street I prowl


Deciding whether to get involved

With the slim

I’d parked alongside

At an east side establishment

South of the border

Between here and there

A cough causing her to turn and touch her hair

In a protective manner

Taking in all she did behold

And nodding in confirmation

Of our meeting

Adapting to the subsequent establishment

Adapting to the subsequent establishment

Of the rules of behavior

Dissecting your rambling subsistence in the distance

Desiccated by your childhood fears and frustrations

At the laws that bind behavior

And religious fervor

That means nothing except control

Against the teachings and examples of Christ

And suddenly you’re you

Or the semblance

Substituted at birth

Molded and enmeshed by circumstances of birth


You had chosen

To teach you lessons you needed to learn

In the evolutional development of your soul

Into superman nonexistence

In the constructs of time and surface


Josef Krebs has a chapbook published by Etched Press and his poetry also appears in the Bicycle Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Calliope, The Cape Rock, The Chaffey Review, Inscape, Mouse Tales Press, Organs of Vision and Speech, Tacenda, The Bohemian, Agenda, The Corner Club Press, Crack the Spine, The FictionWeek Literary Review, the Aurorean, Carcinogenic Poetry, The Bangalore Review, 521magazine, Former People, Grey Sparrow Journal, IthacaLit, New Plains Review, Inwood Indiana Press, Free State Review, and The Cats Meow. A short story has been published in blazeVOX. He’s written three novels and five screenplays. His film was successfully screened at Santa Cruz and Short Film Corner of Cannes film festivals.

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