One Last Huzzah (Then We Take a Break)

Dear Reader of Former People:

We have been doing this for five years and a little change, we believe in our commentary and our authors.  We stopped producing the podcast a few years back but continued our presence on Youtube.   We slowed down our interview and our staff dwindled our time, and the literary magazine element of this project has largely been done by one person for the three years.

To be honest with you, I have not been able to do this site right.  I am a full-time teacher, a podcaster, a poet, and a non-fiction editor for Zero books.  I have my own book out from Unlikely Press, and I have a family to take care of.  Since coming back to the US a little over one year ago, I have not stayed on top of this as much as I liked.  I have to take a break from submissions and interviews.

The website will be going on hiatus, but not without one last huzzah.  We will be doing the last month bash:  I want to put out new work regularly for the holiday season and then I will be putting the site on hiatus for six months while I finish two book projects I am working on, readjust to my editorial duties, and re-prioritize.  Stephen M. and I may still release work on the youtube feed as we have it done, and I will still be releasing my poetry elsewhere.   There will also be reviews, interviews, and work released by your editors here as well in honor of the five years we have done so far.

The deadline for the rolling last huzzah is December 31st, 2018. All work will be released until Jan 10.  Then Former People will go dormant until the summer and, most likely, re-open for submissions.

Please send your poetry, flash fiction, or non-fiction essays to

Thank you,
C. Derick Varn

co-founder and managing editor. 


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