Six Poems

by Mark Young

Six geographies:

Fayette County

A life crisis, a major
transition. The water
had risen. Based on the
Mayer cluster expansion
of the partition function,
enough water to swim
in. Just as we did in Iraq,
we can execute this

transition responsibly.
Sandstone crenellations &
a sort of Victorian-Edwardian
outhouse will benefit from
these considerable computa-
tional savings; & we can
afford to dine with family
& friends in Lexington.


The number of pterodactyls
thrown out with a regular
Joe Citizen’s bathwater will
often give some indication

of how many double crookéd
letters can be found along
the banks of the Ohio
after an extreme flood event.


Scaffolding creates remote-
ness, mixes crossbows with

sand to improve moisture
retention, even after the

safety has been re-engaged.
An electrolyte imbalance

means the dome light keeps
flashing; visible seaweed in-

dicates low water level. Soak
the kelp in a jacuzzi to keep

it androgynous & the vision-
ary crabjuice business viable.

Harlen Beach

A traditional paradigm
causes difficulty when
swallowed if the image

has bled through the sub-
strate. Assassins in black
clothes are notoriously

hard to detect. Paying
smugglers seems safer if
there’s little hard data.


Properly managed live-
stock can function as
surrogates for biological
machines. They can climb
valleys & shoot waterfalls
but agonize over lifestyle
changes if they have no
fixed address. It’s this
alienation that makes them
easy prey for the yak equi-
valent of people smugglers.



By the time we left the
village, it was raining
legibly. The adhesive

that she was wearing —
one that joins laminate
to any other floor sur-

face — turned out to be
a poor substitute for a
constitutional scholar.

Mark Young’s geographies have, over the years, been collected as e-books, chapbooks, & full-on collections from Argotist Ebooks, Dysphasia Press, Beard of Bees, & One Sentence Chapbooks, as well as being included as separate sections in The Codicils from Otoliths Books, & the eclectic world from gradient books.

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