Too Reel For You?

A Poem by Kevin R. Farrell, Jr

There’s a thief among us.
Pictures hang cluttered to cover fist sized holes in the wall.

With one eye open you waited for a sound to be made or for them to stop.
Somehow I was always still breathing.

I’ll show them who’s the biggest fish in the puddle.
The sun is coming up so let’s hold fins to the end.

Stuffed to the gills with no regrets I care to share.
Housing them in tiny compartments all throughout this tiny world.

Spreading thin enough to spark rumors like wildfire.
So that’s what “keep your nose clean” means.

Somedays rehashing the past is the only way to get through the darkness of today.

The light at the end of the tunnel
was only a dangling light bulb swinging, symbolizing the halfway point.

There’s a note written and waiting,
“Innocent bystanders until proven guilty of…”

I never finish poems,
they leave me.

If there was a side to choose 
you’d find me loyally withstanding.

Kevin R. Farrell, Jr. is an artist, poet, and educator whose works attempt to capture life from the vantage point of someone in the backseat of a stolen car running on fumes. His words and art are a last ditch effort at taking it all in before we get taken out.

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