Two Poems

by Scott Hughes

Scaled Harmonics

Scaled harmonics: lens of electron microscope: Jesus on crucifix.
We delve deep with these tools into the pulsing nexus
of the universe, the atom, the purest tone, the church, ourselves.
Particles in constant vibration. A remote star flickers and implodes.

We search for truth in Shakespeare.
We search for truth in concentric redwood rings.
We search for truth in the Flesh and the Blood and the Word.
We search for truth in heliotropes and isotopes.

We hope to hone the cosmos to a single note.
We hope to cup it in our hands as a seed.
We hope to peel back the layers to the core.
We hope to find God focused like a pin-prick of light.


When you find me writing at my desk,
tell me the paper will not yellow over time.
Tell me the ink will not fade or run.
Say my words will curl in as a conch shell
gathering sand for cover on the ocean floor.

Later, when you see me sleeping, whisper
in my ear that words are stones, breaking
rings into the surface of our lake.
Tell me they are the boards I paralleled,
nailed flat to build a dock.

Place my fingertips on the side
of your neck. Tell me words are there.
When I dream, show me blue ink
shining on white pages. Show me its ghost
bleeding through the other side.

My lips are words in the morning as you trace
them with your finger. As I rise from sleep,
tell me how an empty, cupped hand
and a clenched fist can both mean hunger.
Tell me words can close the hand, open the fist.

Give me the empty room, the smooth tabletop,
the blank pages resting there. Forget
to show me the door’s rusty hinges,
the glassy pebbles on the bank of our lake,
the words hidden in the whorls of my fingers.

Scott Hughes’s fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in CrazyhorseOne Sentence PoemsEntropyDeep MagicCarbon Culture ReviewRedividerPopMattersStrange HorizonsOdd Tales of WonderThe Haunted TravelerExquisite CorpsePure SlushWord Riot, and Compaso: Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology. For more information, visit


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