(Ghazal): A Jar

A poem by Jenny Keto

Before you became my sightless unknown caller, a lodestar tethered to a lightless tomorrow,
An unknown God cleaved matter from matter, sheathed all that man would name rename
For an untamed tomorrow.

Before Prometheus poached hoarded coals, counted time with stolen heat untold,
You had yet to conceive the flesh pulse of action; that pandemic pendulum beat
Breathed all hell in tomorrow.

Before twice 7 saw blind incensed, named you sin 7 ways, your censured body slayed senseless,
Contempt formed Pandora w/thighs adored spread to lay sighs atop e/breast, a claything to tempt &
Wrest all man from tomorrow.

Before you were sentenced a lifetime somnambulance, a lifeless sub semblance,
Pandora opened a jar left for man fill lidless pain spilt ajar; unboxed havock locked and kept what
Hope I left for tomorrow.

Jenny Keto is a poet actress pursuing a third trade of nursing in Texas A&M’s accelerated B.S.N. program. As a native Austinite, some may call her a unicorn, but she prefers the nickname Mosquito (Ms. Keto). Jenny looks forward to the prospect of helping people for a living upon graduation, with more time to breathe and write down all the poems hibernating in her brain. Until then, her poems can be found online at The Broken City, Visitant, Rosette Maleficarum, Painted CaveThe City KeyThe Rio Review, and are forthcoming in a print anthology by Host Publications.

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