The Oreo Shuffle

A Poem by Erren Kelly

I watch movies no one understands
And dance to rock and roll bands
People get so uptight
Because i take a lover who’s white
I love my birkenstocks and a black derby
I love it when girls talk nerdy
I  speak better english  than most
I read  books, they treat me like a ghost
I dont care about being hard
I solve my problems with my master card
Often,  im misunderstood
Im too educated to be hood
Dont care about twerkin or getting lit
For me dungeons and dragons is it
A bubble butt dont move me at all
Just skateboards, jazz and basketball
Dont care about being  a one percent
A day at comiccon keeps me spent

Erren Kelly is Two-Time  Pushcart nominated poet from Boston, has been writing for 25 years and has over 300  publications in print and online in such publications as Hiram PoetryReview, Mudfish, Poetry Magazine(online), Cacti Fur  Ceremony, Cactus Heart, Similar Peaks, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Salzburg and other publications. He is also the author of the book, ” Disturbing The Peace,” on Night Ballet Press


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