Five Poems

by Rus Khomutoff

Splash Bombs

to Michel Majerus

Horns of dilemma, the shadow’s brighter heritage
going beyond the symptoms
quartered revelator of the frayed edge
a week of redolent memory
beset by both the future
and the past
thralldom mastication

Catharsis daily

Lions and shadows
labyrinthine emergence
voice in the chasm
obliteration of the possible at all costs
unbegotten and immortal
words that belong to a quantum realm
catharsis daily


Transluscent waves….
shattered waves in a liturgy of phases
finished labyrinths
an eruption of a senseless cacophony
invisible links
proximity of reverie

To Jimi Hendrix

Searching for silence and screams
Artful fabricators of the awakened heart
Searching for the perfect world
The wonder of wondering
Sky submerged in nonsense


Ancient objects of modern dilemmas
utopia burrows
chained to the propaganda of affirmations
forever in the imposed unspecifics
of procedure
producing numberless Edens
of sempiternal youth
a coping stone of irregardlessness

Rus Khomutoff is a neo surrealist language poet in Brooklyn,NY.  His writing has appeared in Erbacce,Poethead ,Occulum,Full of Crow and Burning House Press. He published an ebook called Immaculate Days He is also on twitter @rusdaboss

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