Two Poems

by Gillian Renée Colón


you burn deserted mind
sputter drowning lies
dawning, i’ve settled,
with no compromise.

we divide, conquer.
crawling out from them,
or raged within.

if i go down, it’s swinging
and howling at echoes –
but i rise like a devil
that you can’t contain
any longer.

Rationalized Verbalizations of a Somniloquist

something about this feels like only strings;
keeps me lying in wait for so long, forlorn –
for your love truly does keep count the days.
the nights come crashing in vengeful waves,
and sure to anger more before this is done –
knowing i’d never change my ways.

Gillian Renée Colón was born 1986 in New York. Her writing has been published in works such as Zygote in My Coffee, The Muse – International Journal of Poetry, and Breadcrumb Scabs. Other interests include playing drums, bass, synth, singing, and listening to music.


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