Five Poems

by Patrick Theron Erickson


The mouth
of a very long
feeding tube
eons in the making

What if gluttony
bore such a mouth
and we were the feeding tube
sucking up the Milky Way
swallowing whole galaxies
like chocolate clusters

until we ate something
that didn’t agree with us
something closer to home
a rogue nation, perhaps
a gallery of rogues
destiny in the making

and indigestion set in
acid reflux or colitis
if we had a colon left
or a semicolon
a rectum?

Then staring into the mouth of disrepair
would be like looking up someone’s anus
staring into the void
that cracked abyss

We would all be proctologists
gluttons for punishment
in dire need of an enema.


First the Pacific

Its sheer dynamism
stops me cold

Thus far
and no further

Here your
proud wanderings cease

The Styrofoam crates
the packing sheds
large enough
for me to live in

stamped Produce of Japan

all this way
on the backs
of these humpback waves

Not so much
the Atlantic

It has
that lived in look

except for the sharks
it hides

the shark fests
the feeding frenzies

And I never wanted to be
just another hand on deck

worse still below deck.


Hold out your hand

and I guarantee
it will stay attached
to your wrist

For it is your requisite respite
after toil

Stretch forth your hand then
and foreswear toil

For it is in your hand
your head must rest and
head in hand

you must foreswear toil

or forestall mirth

and rest you
merry gentlemen.


When you broke water
a fat grasping mackerel

sleek and slippery
all fins and scales and gills
smack dab in the middle of morning

the midwife
still in her wetsuit

your mother coming around
coming up for air
gasping at the gaping wonder

you in your birthday suit
sans suspenders

Caught by the underbrush
and the undertow
and pulled under

she slipped
silently from view

eyes fixed
lidless as morning

gills flared
fins too.


A bra with solar power panels
I read in the world’s wackiest inventions

a pushup bra
which doesn’t deflate
when nighttime comes

a solar-powered bra
with uplift
a power pack
and battery backup

and no carbon footprint

and plenty of green credits
and taxpayer largesse.

A bra
with consequences

should you fall
on those ample cups
when you’re in yours

An ample bosom
should you overstay

and get hung up
in the bra straps
and unhook the contraption

Instant enlightenment
but no cigar!

Patrick Theron Erickson, a resident of Garland, Texas, a Tree City, just south of Duck Creek, is a retired parish pastor put out to pasture himself. His work has appeared in Former People, Grey Sparrow Journal, Cobalt Review, and Burningword Literary Journal, among other publications, and more recently in The Main Street Rag, Wilderness House Literary Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Right Hand Pointing, and Danse Macabre.

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