Approaching Night (or Drunken Temporalities of Calcutta)

A poem by Debarun Sarkar

At 8.45 the drunken mind
and body registers the time
with Android lock-screen.

8.45 is when the body needs to be aware that Calcutta
shall soon belong only for the ones who can afford taxis.

At 9:30 a metro station needs to be ideally reached
but if the body has access to a house near
the local train route
being as late as 11 shouldn’t necessarily be a problem.

But, share auto routes might very well be dead
or they might ask for two to three times the
normal rate if the body is lucky enough to find it.

Buses are not be trusted at all
they have no sense of regularity or time-table

The body ought to be beware of the 11 deadline with precision
Whether a man or a woman
post that we are equal in the eyes of money
unless obviously the matter of prostitutes is not brought up.


Debarun Sarkar is currently based in Calcutta. Recent works have appeared in or are forthcoming in The Oddville Press, Cadaverine Magazine, Visitant, Aainanagar, Ink Sweat and Tears, among others.

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