Call For Themed Submissions

New Kingdoms/New realms/Nuevos reinos

It may be a slight exaggeration to declare that, after Trump and Brexit, the world is thinking of new realms and kingdoms; of new possibilities that renew the horizons of the national or revel in its decay. Take for instance, Negan from The Walking Dead television and comic book series, whose authoritarian manipulations are coupled with what some have called an ideal communist state. Or, if we can go back a bit to 1940s Argentina, imagine Roberto Arlt’s Seven Madmen’s terrorist para-state funded by an organized chain of brothels where ideological indoctrination and funding for the new state couple in the sexual heat. Responses to the upswing in rightist populism are leading readers back to examine the religious apocalypse of Parable of the Sower or to contemplate the possibilities of the Hainish or MadAddam cycles as apertures into accessible or distant versions of our literary future.

One of our personal favorite is the claustrophobic and emotionally riven post-apocalyptic future of Chilean author Mike Wilson’s Zombie, a world where methamphetamine, literature, and the plenty of but that’s an aside. Examples aside, Former People is soliciting poetry, fiction, and creative essays that imagine new realms of the literary without slavish devotion to any genre or imaginary position. Antiquated but reimagined worlds of poetry will lie on the page next to the altered city-states of short fiction with rarefied polemics of global annihilation or resurrection. Longer creative essays on the comparative benefits of radical anti-political alienation from the world or the creation of internal worlds of opposition similar to classical memory palaces would be especially welcome, placed alongside fictions of the political and emotional economy of professional wrestling. There are no limits to the possibility of the literature of the new kingdom except for the newness or the strangeness of the realm. We ask only for an end to the familiar and an extreme dedication to the peculiarity of the world. These are weird tales and poems for an age where the old regimes have new faces and the emergent is promised in pieces of clickbait or facebook algorithms. In short, Former People: A Journal of Bangs and Whimpers is asking for explorations of the new noises of our time with little if any limits on the contours or volume of the sound waves produced.

Please consider contributing pieces of 3000 words or less in following areas:


Short fiction including flash fiction or microfiction

Creative essays


Spoken word

Former People acquires first electronic rights for publication and non-exclusive anthology rights for possible inclusion in our future print anthologies, all other rights revert to author upon publication.

Deadline for Themed Submissions: May 31, 2017

Please submit at


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