We Are Only Angry When Someone Sees Us

A Poem by Josef Krebs

We are only angry when someone sees us
Or refuses to see us
Or anything that tastes of us
The matador has a purpose
A means of letting loose
Of translating turmoil
Into moments
Of living
Like we care
As we do

Occasionally I care
Before sublimating and submerging
My immersion in another surface’s time
To waste a perfect conclusion
Collision of traipse and tobogganing
As if smattering mattered
Past lapse in judgment eternal
Mapped in trapped ideas of isolation
Passion untapped or lapsed
Ludicrous in specious supposition
Uncuffed when all went underneath
Like Nazi aSSholes in South America
Unconscionable in acts of creation
Not yet rejected
But barely worth wasting space

Josef Krebs has a chapbook published by Etched Press and his poetry also appears in Agenda, the Bicycle Review, Calliope, Mouse Tales Press,The Corner Club Press, The FictionWeek Literary Review,Burningword Literary Journal, the Aurorean, Inscape, Crack the Spine,The Cape Rock, Carcinogenic Poetry,The Bangalore Review, 521magazine, and The Cats Meow. A short story has been published in blazeVOX. He’s written three novels and five screenplays. His film was successfully screened at Santa Cruz and Short Film Corner of Cannes film festivals.

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