Two Poems

By Sugar Tobey 

Old Friend

He comes in all compliments and smiles
then a few hours of drinking and laughing

later on before he has to go
he pulls a gift from his pocket
and pours beautiful pieces of sea glass
into my hand

he says one day in the future
this will be money
so I just gave you about
a quarter of a million dollars

now the beautiful pieces rest
in an ashtray waiting

Power of Now

This tall stranger
had just read a book on consciousness
and now he was ready
to out conscious everyone

like an imaginary gunslinger
in the old west
he’d go up against anyone
anytime anywhere

suddenly with my drink
still cold in my hand
he shot me down without thinking
into total and absolute darkness

Sugar Tobey was born in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Received a degree from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Now lives in NYC over a pizza parlor.

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