Flash Fiction by G David Schwartz

Ties are made pretty do that the onlookers will not know that the tie wearer is in the act of suicide.

Ties are made to tie around the neck of a human being who desires to appear good looking and or wealthy or on his way to a wedding a meeting or an important dinner date.

Ties are appropriately named. The only other saying I think can me more appropriate is strangulation nooses.

As instruments of possible strangulation ties are made to look inviting. The man is invited to tie a tie around his neck and appear appropriate as if handsome men do not care whether they die or not.

Oddly ties make the statement that life is so good that I am able to look so handsome and not die.

I do believe in the good old days ties were worm to indicate that death was not feared.

I also believe ties gave rise to the phrase, “Lets go tie one on.” People want to get drunk when near death. They believe, I believe , that death will not be as painful when one is drunk.

Also and finally, when going out with a loved one, fear is always there that this may be the last date so ties are there to make the transition easier.

G. David Schwartz os currently retired, and besides writing, he spins his time volunteering in his community with Meals On Wheels.  This gives him time to go out and make speeches and give autographs.

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