Four Prose Poems

by Genelle Chaconas

Snuff and Video

-after watching Videodrome

The VHS tape undoctored uncensored raw comes mailed to a private address over M over X labeled post-Ballard audiences advised in red ink the innards visible at a one inch gap liquid gravity color of deep sea eels oilspills and voids does not play any machine only a hot wet slot in the imagination gasps groans and swallows it whole consumes all hungers all subchanneled pirate under the radar appetites the carnage convenient in your living room brought in the big screened HD display of perception it’s the news the rage the off the charts ratings will you watch with me?


-from the Butthole Surfers video for their cover of Donovan’s Hurdy Gurdy Man

Donovan in sluggish water in lowbrow hifi speed spit burners on a highway to nowhere warped speed races with no competitors pre Gilliam post Two Lane Blacktop itself the beginning of a do it yourself horror movie that never began the rest of the short film all its handheld abstraction  substandard cut absurdity even the drag gasoline voodoo aside it’s the subsurreal nowhereness anywhereness acidly multiplied Americas through bug blurred anonymous windshields road signs slurred to an Oxy incoherence you see it’s that around the cornerness your backyardness the Maple Streetness happening to you or your children or yours or yoursness.

This Is Only a Test

In our living room where nothing happens until it does until the signal changes from this is a test  with the telltale screech dialup-esque mating call Max Headroom era Pavlov trigger until the signal changes until we sit up straight reach out for our hands will we doubt will we say the footage looks staged looks like The Day the Earth Stood Still War Games or Independence Day will we sit waiting for low down payment commercial breaks and back after these messages station logos will we sit waiting to see our names now those lost scrolling past too fast to read.


The next genocide will be in the local Ikea showroom who chooses cliché Storm Trooper bullets smashed glass in the night man from shadows Jung Gestapo if they can give us energy saving  free trade local sourced PH balanced color coordinated earth friendly lightweight solutions for modern living in a variety of sizes shapes and colors designed to fit the consumer’s unique tastes there in our patented multichannel digital surround sound haze they’ll film us an announcer reads and here we have the 21st century human in its natural habit comfortable well fed ready for a clean shower and sleep.

Genelle Chaconas is genderfluid, feminist, queer, an abuse survivor, post-employed and proud. They graduated from Naropa University with an MFA in Writing and Poetics in 2015. Their first chapbook was Fallout Saints and Dirty Pictures (little m press 2011). They hosted the poetry series Red Night Poetry in Sacramento, California.

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