Three Poems

by Kobina Wright

First The Shirts Off Their Backs, Then Their Shoes – To Make Their Vulnerability A Protracted Fence To Discourage Them From Escaping; Without Even Addressing The Appointed Prime Minister, An Experienced Boy Under The Age Of 18 (Most Likely); Who Commanded Them All Inside And Outside The Dormitory; Who Ensured The Rules Were Enforced And The Punishments Were Doled Out On Those Children Who Held Their Hoes Over Their Shoulders –Which Was Forbidden – Or Those Who Performed Sluggishly Or Lagged Behind The Rest

No more!
You work less,
you eat less!

The Brothers Were Separated In The Remand Center Where The Dorm Mother Rose, Like So Many With Power Before Her, And I Suspect, Those With Power Who Will Come After Her, Exploited Her Position And Illegally Led The Children Out Into The Fields To Perform Hard Labor; Beginning At 6 In The Morning – Without Breakfast Or Shoes Or A Hug For Encouragement To Get Them Through The Next 5 Hours Until They Were Fed In Their Desolate Physical Confinement Of Their Slight Bodies And The Free Islands Within Their Little Hearts.

Did the warden know?
(teeth sucking)

When Tumusiine Was Appointed “Katikkiro” By The Warden Who Claimed Later To Be Unaware Of Rose’s Heart Breaking Passion For Malice Against The Children; The Boy Accepted His Duties Like A Great Endowment And Approached His Role As He Had His School Work (Once Upon A Time), With Integrity And A Lion’s Heart; Began Advocating For The Small Voices Lost In The Roar Of The Gale (As Best He Could) As He Was Relieved Of The Beatings Which Seemed To Be For Trivial Matters Anyway; Regaining Access To His Little Brother Who Was Imprisoned There Just As Unjustly As He Was.

I planned for this.
I need my brother.

Kobina Wright is an American writer, artist, actress and language creator.  She is known primarily for her poetry and abstract art which is constantly evolving.  Wright is also the creator of the Hodaoa-Anibo language which she began to develop in 2004 and self-published “The Hodaoa-Anibo Dictionary.”  She is also known as the co-creator of nuler poetry which she helped to develop with friend and poet, Lisa Bartley Lacey.

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