Single Day, Unnoticed

A poem by Jonathan Dick

Everything is written, but nothing
is noted by the everyday people, they speak
about tenacity on a someday, yet tenacity
is a child begging for sharp words of bleeding
forgiveness, her horse didn’t mean to

lay in the way of your step, old man

trip over your asylum, the other
day you made mistakes, so fall
and devour her comatose pen,

laying the step of her way, so go
away, old man, away you

out, out, you

are not welcome, because you did
not notice her today. All you did
was write a way, your way,
every single day, unnoticed.

Jonathan Dick is a human being from Toronto, Canada. He has had over thirty poems published in the last nine months in various literary journals. You may have seen his recent work in Potluck Mag, Maudlin House, or The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. Jonathan is currently reading Infinite Jest and is naturally flummoxed. Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @jjdickyboy

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