Artwork, Q&A, and Artist Statement

by Adam Kluger

Q & A with Street Artist Adam Kluger in New York City, 2015
Q: please describe your painting style.
A: I like to adapt my painting style to the subject matter. I can paint stylistic portraits using a muted palette to express inner turmoil or mix my media and go bold with the color. The subjects I am drawn to are non-sentimental slices of life. Warhol had his Factory-the conveyor belt at Dreck-World operates 24-7. My mixed media approach allows me to channel Picasso, Warhol, New York City, really. I’m creating new “Dreck” all the time– it wants to come out-you’ve got to hear and obey the muse when she calls you.
Q: What exactly is “Dreck”? It’s been described by art insiders as quirky, kitschy–almost anti-art.
A: I’ve heard people say that I’m one of the leaders of some new egalitarian, anti-art movement. I just do what makes my heart sing. My “Dreck” fills my heart with such happiness that I want to share it with others-that’s all really. My process and skill level as an artist is unexceptional-my final output however–my dreck–is resonant. So I respect the results and try to honor that. It’s Dreck–It’s not the most amazing art you have ever seen–but it’s not terrible. It’s Dreck! I’m actually known as “Der Dreckenheimer”  or simply “Dreck” by friends in the art world–I think it’s hilarious.
Q: Can you explain the creative process?
A: My painting process is similar to Warhol in that I start off photographing a subject. Then it becomes a multi-step process until I get to the final painting or mixed media image. It’s sort of like pottery when you are making pottery it does not look very impressive. White glop really.  Then you take some magic colored powders and manipulate shapes and throw it in the kiln… and what comes out is –Viola! Something colorful, unexpected and wonderful. 
Q: What can we expect from you in the future?
A: I’m sure at some point I’ll be speaking with you again at a New York City galley party. Perhaps, we’ll have a nice glass of wine together and discuss the greatest city in the world. I really just let my team handle the business side and focus my energies on the work. They are terrific. Young people are alive. As I celebrate reaching middle age this year–I am excited to create new Dreck for the people of this great city. They come from all over the world really. It’s my job to create art that entertains and engages people. Fortunately, that part comes effortlessly-the inspiration. It is all around us. The execution, however, is quite laborious.  
Q: A labor of love?
A: Absolutely. 

Artist Statement:

“Whether I apply chromatic composition, an eclectic pallete or color desaturation with my mixed media methods, makes less of a difference, than if the art object resonates with the viewer. It’s totally hit or miss and that’s what makes it so exciting to me,” says Dreck.  “I adapt my painting style to the subject matter– and New York City has no shortage of fascinating subjects.”

What is Dreck?

“What is Dreck?, It’s kitschy, it’s quirky…it’s Dreck! …to me, all my subjects have a dramatic arc, a back-story, a heroic or tragic quality… but ultimately it’s up to the viewer to imbue their Dreck (artwork) with a particular meaning. It’s almost Jungian in a way. I believe that art is singular to the individual the same way dreams are. I am drawn to non-sentimental slices of life,” says the artist who is often seen roaming city streets with a camera,” but life in New York City– by its very nature– is full of irony, drama, beauty and danger.”

To request Dreck’s Winter Art Catalog 2015 and or to inquire about Commissioned Art Work, please contact: Dreck’s publicist, Bernadette Marciniak, at 

 Adam Kluger is a New York City born street artist & writer. A direct descendant of famed British sculptor Jacob Epstein and a past art student of renowned artist, Ion TheodoreKluger went to the same high school as Jack Kerouac, and spent some time studying the great artists throughout Europe before settling back in New York. Kluger draws his inspiration from diverse sources that includeJean Dubuffet, Marc Chagall, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Bob Ross, Eric Payson and Pablo Picasso.

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