Two Poems

by Melissa Parietti


we left the sun on that scorching dream
in mercury times three

to visit your brother on a faraway planet;
I watch my legs float against the darkest

the ocean, quiet, beautiful was the sky as
we dived nose-first into this strange dream

I do not want to believe I leave my body
when sleeping for the nightmares I’ve had in
the past were too much to bear, at times

When you looked at me with those
incredible green eyes, I knew
we were both galaxying
in the future, they’d be books written on
what we were doing

until then, I keep it,
almost, to myself.

Quizzing Me

For instance, she might ask
what state I was born in

then the city, the time,
the zip code of my first
lover’s mother’s car

For instance, he might
ask where I was the night
Greg Scornbody texted me
twenty-six times to borrow my

then my final response to him
in a phone call at five a.m.

how certain words in German
are pronounced

They might playback a song in
Japanese and look for hints of

My employer may ask me
to take another state-sponsored

My friend might demand to
know what I am doing at this
minute –

Melissa Parietti and is a native of Long Island originally from Melville, New York. She is a poet and her work can be PDXX COLLECTIVE and other venues.

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