A Poem

A Poem by Andrew Weatherly

Gray day on fall’s downhill slide
a filler episode
weak sun
bare momentum in breeze: hardly movement
chill not frozen
air eating water from lips and eyes
curling river swinging its arc
rapids barely amused breaking surface calm
orioles cardinal tweeting chatter:
seeds swallowed tails chased
Today is a filler
between drama and mystery
accepting no meaning
beyond one heartbeat to next

Andrew Weatherly hears inspiration from the trees, the wind, his students and kids, as well as from other poets.  He is blessed to live in the hood, teach in prison, and dance in the streets in Asheville, NC.   He’s been published in a Appalachian Broadsides, Katuah Journal, Belle Reve, Axe Factory (is scheduled to be published in Danse Macabre and Cordite) and just lead a workshop at the National Association for Poetry Therapy conference.

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