Sound Transit Train, International District/Chinatown, Seattle

by Erren Geraud Kelly

A white lady gets on at
International District
And she’s too cute
To be homeless
She carries many bags
As she walks back and forth through the
Looking for a seat
Which there are plenty of
Maybe she’s newly divorced
And she ran out of luck
Using her feminine
Or maybe she was a wage slave
One paycheck away from

She is an aberration:
White people aren’t supposed
To be poor

Chris Rock once said
“Whites were born with 5 dollars
In their pocket”

Once I saw a white man
Walking through a New York City
Subway train, asking for money

He was apologetic as he said
“ I have a Batchelor’s degree
It wasn’t supposed to be
Like this !”

She looks up from
Her smartphone as I leave
Says “ good night !”
The blonde angel with Shirley Temple

I want to take her out to dinner
Somewhere, maybe buy her a coffee
And tell her she’s still pure
She’s still worthy

Erren Geraud Kelly is a pushcart nominated poet based in Salisbury,  North Carolina by way of Chicago, by way of Louisiana, by way of Maine, by way of California,by way of New York City, by way of vermont  and so on. He  has been  writing for 25 years and have over 100 publications in print  and online in such publications as Hiram Poetry Review, Mudfish, Poetry Magazine(online), Ceremony, Cactus Heart,Similar Peaks, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Salzburg and otherpublications

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