counterrevolutionary christmas

by Erica Guo

These lights come back to me –
every year, unlike the man
i leave cookies and milk for.

i cannot repay them.
instead, i hang them from wire nooses
so that the passerbys may enjoy
their colored tears.

Their sweet necks strain;
the wind holds them down too well.

they have neither lips
nor carols to sing with.
i have no golden bows
or wrappings to give.

And they, all strung up,
have stayed with me this evening.
The entire time, they were weeping,

The founder of Cenzontle Literary Magazine, Erica Guo has experience as an editor of Blueshift Journal and Transcendence Magazine. Her work has been recognized by Polyphony HS, Eunoia Review, and Vivimus Magazine. She recently became an alumnus of the Adroit Mentorship Program under the mentor Katherine Frain.

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