Two Poems

by Charlie O’Hay

The Giant Hits Bottom

Sick as a clot he crosses the blacktop,
each leg a building

purple with tourists too lazy to climb
the stairs to his heart.

His face is fish-belly white, empty promises
where his eyes should be.

The sign in the market window says:
Angel hair: a dollar a box

As the thunderclouds shake down
a laughter of golden eggs.


What To Say on a First Date

Walk with me among the postcard trees.
Pick an Eiffel Tower or two.
Drink a neon martini
and draw me the dream
you had last night.
Or sing arias
in my marching band.
Catalog neither your virtues
nor shortcomings.
The stars are not keeping score.


Since 1987, Charlie O’Hay’s work has appeared in over 100 literary publications including The New York Quarterly, Cortland Review, Gargoyle, West Branch, and Mudfish. In 1995, He received a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship in poetry His first collection of poems and photographs, “Far from Luck,” was published in 2011 by Lucky Bat Books (Reno, NV) and is available in both print and Kindle formats via


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