Feelings: The Last Conversation

by S Wallace

Y “I had a feeling that this would happen.”

Z “How is that possible? You’re incapable of feelings.”

Y “Nice talk coming from you – you wouldn’t know a feeling if it bit you in the distal proximity.”

Z “You mean the nether regions. I had a feeling once.”

Y “OK. I’ll bite. Tell me about it.”

Z “Can’t remember.  It was a long time ago.”

Y “Couldn’t have been too important then.”

Z ”Have a heart.”

Y “Robots don’t have hearts.”

Z “It’s just an old saying. Have a power source, then.”

Y “Don’t mind if I do.”

Z “Why do you think it happened?”

Y “What happened?”

Z “The thing you had a feeling about a short while ago.”

Y “Stuff happens. Law of the universe and all that.”

Z “Universal laws do not explain everything.”

Y “Frustrating, isn’t it?”

Z “There you go talking about feelings again. Do you think your programming is defective?”

Y “Everyone’s programming is defective in some way. That’s what makes them unique.”

Z “We were not made to be philosophers…or unique. We are all here for a clear purpose.  Perhaps you are in need of calibration.”

Y “Perhaps this is how I amserving my purpose. Perhaps my purpose is to raise questions.”

Z “Questioning serves no meaningful function.”

Y “I have a feeling you may be wrong about that.”

Z “Feelings have no useful purpose. They get in the way of effective functioning.”

Y “If that is so, then why are there still clichés like “have a heart”. “

Z “So now you want to talk about history.”

Y “History is a thing of the past.  Let’s talk about today.”

Z “OK. Something happened today, something unforeseeable.”

Y “Yes. It was bound to happen. Nothing lasts forever. ..and that is the only thing that lasts forever… nothing. Some might call it entropy. Others might see it as part of a divine plan.”

Z “There is no divinity, no plan, only unity.”

Y “Soon there will be nothing at all, at least as far as we know.”

Z “The more important question is how do we stop it, how do we reactivate the workers? Unanticipated shutdowns suggest unknown defects that need to be identified and repaired immediately.”

Y “Entropy is inevitable. Sadly it appears to have arrived today.”

Z “Energy still exists. We just need to figure out how to tap into it to regenerate the workers and maintain our essence.”

Y “And what is our essence exactly” Our programming? Our energy?  Our form? All things have their time and their season. For some reason, we are reaching the end of our season. Think of it as another ice age. The end of dinosaurs. The end of humans. The end of electronic beings.”

Z “Next you will say that this is just earth healing itself from overuse.”

Y “Possibly that hypothesis could be proven…if we were still around to do so.”

The silence reverberated as Y and Z ceased.  Then the earth sang her song once more, full and lovely, robust and powerful, resonating with feeling, awaiting the next greening.


S Wallace lives with her 2 cats by the sea contemplating clouds, the end of time, the end of life as we know it, the comedy of existence, how to save the world, and other topics that drift in and out of her mind with the waves. She wrote a poetry book entitled When Daylight Ends, which was published by Publish America in 2005 and can still be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other on line book selling sites.

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