Two Poems

by Monique Gagnon German


I’ve done it
pulled the trigger,
sent a jet of poison
up into the home
of some 40 odd wasps
attached to mine.

So now I sit
the Hitler of my patio
in the aftermath, watching
one escaped doused
fallen, squirming,
rolling on the ground.

Maybe he is the main guard
still trying to do his job,
edging towards me
inch by writhing inch,
being the dutiful, heroic
guard wasp that he suddenly is.

It is as dramatic
as a mini-series,
an historical event,
the way I feel so sure
now he is looking for me,
the keeper of the spray,
the culprit.

It’s as if he wants to show me
in case I was too busy trying to forget,
Exactly the kind of act I just committed

and I can only watch,
can’t tear my eyes away
even though this scene
makes my stomach twist.

I think the mourners
will show up any minute now
or later in my dreams, wings
down and dragging like tails
between their legs

and they will hum their sorrow
against my apologies that are,
in wasp-time, now centuries too late,
the sound of teeny angry violins.

They will stay on my mind
like unfinished sentences,
little ghosts of lives
in the periphery of mine
I’ve never understood
yet spent.

Area 52

They are collectors of touch,
glances, smooth jazz, words,

body parts. They want to jar and save
evidence, bookmarks, rose petals,

ticket stubs. They trap moments, still shots,
in their strobes, looking for meaning

translations of our hearts to beam up,
our weaknesses, our strong spots.

They think they know us, versions
of themselves, caught by demons

and doubt but still we’ve got something
different they want. The filaments of love,

the power of conviction, the strength
of a fuel that they need more of.

So they take us home,
souvenirs to show their pods.

Watch them poke with one finger, the
toy-like containers of us, nervous

about what might emerge so far
from earth, brave doll or angry doll

or trembling doll; how to pinpoint
where each one holds the love!

Monique Gagnon German’s poetry has appeared in the anthology, “e, The Best Poems of 2001,” as a semi-finalist for the Emily Dickinson Award. Her poems have garnered the pages of journals such as: Ellipsis, California Quarterly, Kalliope, The Bear Deluxe, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Calyx, The Ledge, and Rosebud.  In 2012 her poems appeared in Assissi, The Sierra Nevada Review, Ragazine, The InnisFree Poetry Journal, Xenith and Atticus Review. Her poems were featured in the 2013 Spring and Summer issues of Canary, issue 45/46 of Tampa Review, 0-Dark-Thirty The Report and Glass: A Journal of Poetry. New poems are forthcoming in Occupoetry and Off the Coast in Summer, 2014.

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