Submissions Call

We are putting the finishing touches on the Avant-garde issue now, but we need work for the New Wave Science Fiction issue.  We are looking for reflections on New Wave Science Fiction effects on “mainstream” literary culture, the literary turn in genre writing, and the psychologization of science fiction.

Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry on these themes are appreciated.   Submission deadline for the special issue is March 20th.

General  submissions welcome year round.

If interested send submission or inquiry to


2 thoughts on “Submissions Call

    • Well, it is a movement away from hard sci-fi in the 1960s and 1970s towards more psychological sci fi which used sci fi tropes as metaphors for psychological states and which used more literary conventions than a lot of the prior pulp writing. Many were inspired by William Burroughs explicitly.

      The authors included J. G. Ballard, Thomas Ditsch, Harry Harrison, Philip José Farmer, and Michael Moorcock. The writers that were seen as sort of a second generation of the movement were Ursula K. LeQuin, Octavia Butler, M. John Harrison, and Joanna Russ.

      Many think it was more or less made less relevant by cyber-punk aesthetics in the 1980s and by the fact many of the writers, such as Ballard, were consider straight literary fiction writers.

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