Former People Film Podcast #2: Linklater

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4 thoughts on “Former People Film Podcast #2: Linklater

  1. I just watched Slacker (I was able to watch it on YouTube, wow!) after listening to the podcast. And, well, I felt, not much. I’m 43, so this was something that had been made when I would’ve been entering college( if I had gone). I appreciated the absurdity of the film( I did note in the last home movie montage there was the flash of a book entitled Growing Up Absurd) but I just couldn’t relate with any of the characters, it didn’t speak to me, nor represent accurately anyone or anyplace I knew( I came up in blue collar suburbs in metro Detroit). Of all Linklaters films, I probably identified most with SubUrbia. Just some subjective simple opinion, thanks for the podcast, I really like Former People.

    • Echo, thanks for the complements! I’ve actually not seen SubUrbia. What in particular do you like about it?

    • Authentic Poseur: you should feel free to watch whatever films you please regardless of my opinion, haha. With Kieślowski you have any number of ways to start. Two ways I’d recommend, outside of jumping into Three Colors, is to start either with “The Double Life of Véronique” or “Blind Chance” which Run Lola Run pretty much copied.

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