Two Poems

By Noah R. Gataveckas

Ye ravenous

Ye ravenous birds and beasts
whose dreams devour worlds;
wishes outweigh ambitions
for whom ratio miscorrelates.
Heed the censed state – still
ye get so wrecked, play so gay?

“Godbless our idle fury and untucked ways
as we strike out atomized, unlucked
into cauldrons of postindustrial malaise,
in absistence of Judgment Day.”
Stay calm cosmic child – pray safe!
And hope homo’s not a one-act play.

Note sapiens will someday fade
into the atonal origins of since –
a birth so bad
killed the Father
& Muther made

So ’til big bangs again (the eternal recurse) –
arise ye starvelings of want, least to first:
Occupy the garden! Quench thee thirst!
Ye mindful’d, enriched of the Earth!

Jubilee (No one is legal)

Long surf, wash of sea –
white, red, blue, green
fade grey on Dieppe beach.

Lo! closed I
collapsed to count pebbles
first though five like
as they fall, chatter
repeated, retaken
for busyness’ sake
by idle hands.

Lost in span
tuned to wandering gulls,
la joie de la jeunesse
and Ocean’s sprawl
wondering about the War –
its ebb and flow,
how History’s shores
are tideworn clean.

Nations’ spectres may be
still seen to take the beach
by someone who believes

Noah R. Gataveckas is a writer, activist, and educator from Toronto. His work has appeared in Numero Cinq, The Platypus Review, The Global Intelligence, and has been shared online by 3AM and Bookforum. For recent publications, see “On the Genealogy of Style: Marx, Nietzsche, Lacan” (Numero Cinq), “La contra Adorno: The sex-economic problem of Platypus” (Platypus Review,) and “Why do we burn books?; or, The burning question of our movement” (Numero Cinq).

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