Announcement of February And March Special Issue Submissions

We are 12-hours from the release of our December-January issue. After curating, editing, and cuing, we are proud to bring all sorts of goodies: Interviews with Andre Gregory and Cindy Kleine, Sam Hamill, and Simon Strantzas. Poetry by a bunch of people such as Sam Perchik, Annelyse Gelman, Marly Saunders, et al. Fiction by Michael C. Keith and Carol Smallwood. An essay by Douglas Lain. All of it goes live early tomorrow morning.

The next two issues will be themed. First, in late February, we’ll release “What is left of the Avant Garde” and we are open for submissions on this theme. We are particularly looking for reflective essays that are paired with original “experimental” art, and we are also seeking essays on avant garde film and art either current or historical.

Our March issue will be titled “Revisiting New Wave Science Fiction” and we want both genre pieces in science fiction which show literary considerations beyond the genre concerns, and also reflective essays about writers from the 1970s and 1980s New Wave Science Fiction movement.  Discussions about the relationship between current trends such as Bizzaro fiction, the New Weird, and Slipstream fiction and the 70s New Wave are also welcome.

As always we are still looking for book reviewers.

Graciously exhausted,

D.L, S.M., and C.D.V.


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