Three Poems

by David Ishaya Osu

Ravages II

Claws of scavenging
Ancestral nights
Scratch foetal dawns
Moulded in silver shells

But the gnawed bone of her voice
Scars wandering in her face shamed
As her very fingers defiled her virgin descent


The fertile petals
Cunnilinguses her
Curfew. Yet barking
Scents of rain drop on
Our roofs, cumulus
Dumb in hearing pelt
Not. The froths in her
Thighs clad in silken
Pants parading in
Front of hunters’ loins
Mirrors the face of
Our dry stories set
To mount in the lids
Of tomorrow’s… Yes
Mountaineering crows
And navigating
Army of airy dawn



Caging rays
Vomits of suns
In hungry bowls
Is like blunting a penis
When its bank is overflowing


Pleas printed in lime leaves
Are bitter than honeys boiled in baggy beaks


Fill the drums with honeyed sperms
Drench the dunes with raw lards
For this shall be our testimony
Of a rounded shaft

David Ishaya Osu is a Nigerian poet, street photographer and freelance journalist. His works have appeared in several journals such as, the 2012 Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology, The New Black Magazine, and elsewhere. In 2011, his poem, Seasons at Peasant’s Palm, won an Honourable Mention for a National Poetry competition in honour of Prof Remi Raji at 50. He is an alumnus of the 2012 LUMINA Creative writing workshop. David is currently polishing his debut collection tentatively titled Rape Album.

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