Draining the Ocean

by Anupam Sinha

Draining the Ocean

Darkness squirmed
above the
tumult of
flailing limbs.

Caresses deft
spilled light soft,
from the conjoined flesh,
over the brim.

Rivulets of light
tasted like the sea,
and incipient of life.

The lapping sighs,
and the crashing waves
of guttural moans
unleashed an odorous strife.

In the redolence
of our entangled breaths
we discover, the pungent,
ancient ocean of creation.

Through our eyes
we drain it into
our memories
as an act of preservation.

Anupam Sinha works as a computational biologist at the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad, India. Apart from his interests in science he is interested in reading literature, writing poems, travelling and quizzing.

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