News from the Editors: Future Issue Themes, Submission, Plans

We would like to thank all who read and continue to read Issue Three. It is by far our most popular issue gaining over 2000 views in just a few days. Jumping off of that success, we are announcing a series of plans.

Last month saw us launch a companion podcast and a new episode of which will be posted within the week. In addition, we are now expanding this offering to a bi-monthly film commentary podcast on the Diet Soap feed as a co-production of Diet Soap and Former People. Diet Soap host,  Douglas Lain will also be writing a column for us each month on weirdness of arts and the writing life beginning with our November issue.

In light of this and the popularity of the work, we will be doing a e-book version of every four or so issues for people who do not like reading on a browser, but do not mind a screen.  This will hopefully start shortly after issue four and offered for a low price.  They will contain the entirety of the prior issues.  We are also planning on a yearly print anthology of our various representative works, but this will probably not go into production for another year.   We will use the proceeds from the e-book addition to keep the site free but perhaps get a better url, etc.  Once that is done, who knows … maybe we can pay our authors.

Speaking of which, we are doing the following theme issues:

November – Focusing and Repositioning: World Literature and Literary Modernity/Neo-Modernity.

December/January— Winter Double Issue, No Theme

February–What is the Avant Garde, now?

March – An Atrocity Exhibit:  The traces of literary science fiction in the contemporary world

April –  Former Peoples: The Literature of Eastern Europe in Translation

May – Even Colder Steps:  The New Literature of Russia in translation and its world modernism

A note on themes: we print interviews and do slush pile acceptances that are not on the theme of a particular issue, but we will be putting special attention to interviews, reviews, and essays on that particular topic as well as soliciting literature from writers in that vein.  If you liked our Weird Fiction themed issue, for example, we may still print things related to weird fiction in any of the other issues but it will not dominate our discussions and reflections.

We will be giving more information about what exactly we are looking for before each issue.

We are taking submissions for the November special issue until November 20th.

Also, we are looking to add reviewers to our volunteer “staff.”  We do not pay yet except in review copies when we receive them.  If, however, you would like to write reviews for us on a semi-regular bias and you are interested in both popular and “avant garde” literature with a bit of the strange and a sharp eye for language as well as an interest in either modernism or Neo-modernism, we would love to have your work and get your name out there as a critic.   Send an e-mail to formerpeoplejournal at gmail dot com with a sample of writing if you are interested.


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