What She Saw There

by Phillip Larrea

“High in cerulean skies, weeps the statue…”.
She had been on summer sabbatical
To Sao Paolo was it, I think she said?
No, no- now I recollect it was Rio.
She shows snapshots from her trip. Heartfelt pantoums
Using literate words seldom heard ever.
We display our profound appreciation
With golf claps. Her colleague in the back row
Snaps his fingers. The adjunct on the side
Nods, eyes closed, deeply entranced, no doubt.
Next, she anaconds us down Amazon
Pleistocene rainforests. We smell compost.
Last- an ekphrastic of empty pottery.
Smash show! We defenestrate such poetry.

Phillip Larrea has been widely published in the U.S., Canada, Ireland and Europe. His chapbook, Our Patch (Writing Knights Press), was released January 2013. Phillip’s full-length poetry collection, We the People (Cold River Press), was released in April, 2013. Phillip Larrea’s poems have recently appeared, or will soon appear, in Red Fez (U.S.), Inspired Heart (Canada), Blue Max Review (Ireland) and Metric Conversions (Turkey).

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