Two Poems

by Ricky Garni

Pleasure Seekers

to Faye

Never ask for a show of hands
in an empty room
filled with sponges and fingers

Ask instead for a gesture
Dress nicely and know

That a come hither will come
your way

and that rain will cover the earth



I saw the old lady wind up her hose. I heard the Mexican man laugh when I asked for chicken. I forgot to buy a chocolate bar at the store. I walked by the Glutino and laughed. I looked at the Izzy Cream Soda and heard Dan laugh behind me when I said Glutino. I said At Least There’s A Breeze. I said I like cheeses as long as they don’t taste like cheese. I asked where the Feta was and the guy said right there somewhere. I wept when the cashier said Have A Good One. I walked all the way home until I found a German book. I couldn’t understand why a man named Kleist would write about beheaded lovers separated by an earthquake in Chile. I read me instead. I turned on the television. I watched the Dating Game but just to see a serial killer. I walked down the street. I saw that it was sunny. I ate a manburger. I watched the guy walk his dog with what appeared to be an artificial leg. I watched a dog look at a guy who appeared to have an artificial leg. I heard someone say something. I shook my head. Dan said What. I don’t believe when a window closes, a door opens. I believe that when a window closes, a smaller window opens. And a smaller one after that. And a smaller one after that. Finally, it is the size of a lemon seed in your sweet iced tea. A small one. A little seed. You can swallow little seeds. A little seed will grow. I like dogs that look up at you. I like to turn off everything. Nothing is nothing. The guy with the artificial leg? He was just pretending to have an artificial leg. He had two artificial legs.

Ricky Garni is a graphic designer and cyclist from Carrboro, North Carolina.  His recent work can be found in LIEF, FULL OF CROW, and DISTRICT; his collections of poetry include 2% BUTTERSCOTCH, MY FAVORITE FIFTEEN PRESIDENTS, and DOTS, available via the storefront at:

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