Two Poems

by Shawn Misener


Watch the wiggly-jiggly cranberry jelly
as it slorps from the can, I see my soul
in blood red wobbly reflections

stack the jars in domesticated cars
take them home, screw a spouse

that’s him, the master of the galaxy
lining up shopping carts

hating them, disgruntled and dethroned

what if God is on the autism spectrum?

is your life more worthless
when the architect is wasted?

Dreams aren’t subconsciously scrambled eggs
nor are they stages for archetypical megalords

she said it best:
dreams are the flipside of the coin
I checked, there are two of me
dreaming simultaneously
and assuming the other is asleep

Men in the Streets

If you would
please put this reflection
of a backwards hologram
into perspective

some are born to die
but I am dying to be born
there are men on the street
looking for women

much quicker than themselves

slovenly twists and shouts
layers and layers of mourning
there isn’t much hope
to hang your coat on

God isn’t just there
playing our strings
we MADE him
because we can’t control ourselves

my death so convenient
I’ll never have to worry
about my student loans again

somebody blew up the corner
scattering the men and their beef cuts
my translucent holographic soul
looks for answers

Shawn Misener is the author of two chapbooks: Dry Humping a Fire Hydrant (Thunderclap Press) and In Your Face(book) (Ten Pages Press). Over 150 of his poems and short stories have appeared in print and on the web, including The Nervous Breakdown, Haggard and Halloo, Word Riot, deComp, Mad Rush, Zygote in my Coffee, Red Fez, Full of Crow, Gutter Eloquence, Rusty Truck, amongst others. He also edits the absurdist poetry blogazine Clutching at Straws, which has featured over 500 poems by more than 250 different writers. He lives in Michigan with his wife and three daughters, and is currently rushing to finish his first novel, The Whooshay

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